Hold It Steady, Hold It Steady, Hold It Steady….

WOW!! You guys really know how to make a girl feel good!! I am blown away at how many facebook likes and subscribers I have gotten in just 2 days!! (Quick plug…if you want to get emails when I post, subscribe and you will!)  I couldn’t have asked for more….its been a rough summer (with family illnesses/surgeries) but this weekend had me flying high.  I couldn’t believe that so many friends (and some strangers!) have checked out the page and liked it.  Keep it going…share with your friends!

So, just like a quick pin prick can rapidly deflate a balloon, the angry words of a 3 year old have the same effect on a Mom’s ego.  I was feeling pretty good about myself…with all the incredibly amazing comments from you guys how could I not?! Hubby just had ACL replacement surgery on his knee, so I thought that I would take the foursome to church…gulp, alone…to give him some quiet time in the house.  Pretty sure the youngest could smell the fear coming off of me.  He waited until we sat down and then his attack began. Haven’t figured out if it was premeditated or it was just something that magically happens when kids walk into church. But, nonetheless, it happened…the whining, the crying, the screaming.  I can handle all that…we just walked to the back and I warned the others to be good, as I could see everything they were doing (wonder how much longer that threat will last?).  L calmed down, so we ventured back to our seats.  I’m pretty sure that was a trick on his part.  Not long after we sat down, he said very loudly “You a MEAN Mommy!”  And just in case that wasn’t good enough, he said it again.  It was pretty impossible to ignore all of the people laughing around us.  Felt like the whole church was laughing and watching my ego shrink back down to an acceptable size.  Thanks for keeping me in check, L.  :-S

The first thing that popped into my head after those ugly words came out of that adorable mouth was the lyrics from Walk The Moon‘s “I Can Lift A Car Up”.  They go something like this:

I won’t lose it, I won’t lose it, I won’t lose it
I won’t lose it, I won’t lose it

Hold it steady, hold it steady, hold it steady,
Hold it steady, hold it steady

And then I just had to relax and smile.  Walk The Moon put on an unexpectedly awesome show at Headliners in April 2011.  I knew their song “Anna Sun” was a keeper, but had no idea that their energy on and off the stage would make them a favorite live act of mine!  Headliners was filling up and hubby and I were having a good time people watching…always good entertainment value there!  Then we noticed that some people were walking around with their faces painted.  We were perplexed, but whatever floats your boat.  We moved to the main floor just before the first act was about to come out.  We started talking to some friends and were informed that the person painting faces was the lead singer of Walk The Moon, Nicholas Petricca.  He is a firm believer in ‘it’s okay to play’, hence the face painting.  Normally, not my thing…but how the heck could I resist?! I think hubby thought I was crazy, but who cares!! That was my first taste of how Walk The Moon’s energetic aura takes over the audience at their shows. Apparently, all of us at the show were totally living in the moment and enjoying the performance, because I cannot find any videos of “I Can Lift A Car” and it was such a special performance.  They split the room in half, one side was to sing the “I can lift a car up” refrain and the other side was to sign the overlapping “All by myself” refrain….the audience participation rocked!!  Hoping to see them again live soon since they are from just up the road in Cincinnati.

Here is a video from the night after they played at Headliners….

I Can Lift A Car

And the official “Anna Sun” video is too good to pass up!


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  1. Anna
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 23:01:09

    Congrats Jessica 🙂 I’ll count on you to keep me “plugged-in”. Keep ’em coming!


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