what’s up with local music?

Louisville has always had a strong local music scene.  We are (generally) supportive of musicians and have some great music events (like Forecastle – “where the world gathers to experience the best in Music, Art, and Activism” and Abbey Road on the River-“biggest Beatles Music Fest in the world!)  And we can’t ignore the HUGE influence of 91.91 WFPK, most listened to AAA station in the country that hosts of so many fabulous shows (Live Lunch, Waterfront Wednesdays, etc) and home of the top Music Director in the country, Kyle Meredith (who also produces/hosts The Weekly Feed, an hour long syndicate in 16 markets). So, we have it good. And local musicians benefit from the strong radio presence….they get airtime!!

But, we all know there is now a large hole in the local music community since the closing of ear X-tacy.  ear X-tacy was a place were local musicans could sell their cds on consignment. It was a place they could have their cd release and in-store performance. It was a place where they could have their cd featured on a listening station for all to sample. I have had numerous people ask me where to buy local music now. I don’t even know what to tell them. I know there are other music stores, but I just called a couple to see if they had Inclusions by Ben Sollee (I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries from friends on where to buy his stuff) and no one did. They were all nice and said they could order it, but it isn’t the same.

I feel the loss and I am only a listener. I am curious to hear what local musicians think and what they think the future looks like for music in Louisville. And apparently, I am not the only one! The Louisville Free Public Library has put together an interesting event, “Local Music: An Insider’s Story”.  It is the first in a series called THINK LOCALLY. Local musicians, Joan Shelley and Joe Manning, of King’s Daughters & Sons,  will give their perspectives and insights on the past and future of music in Louisville.  Join me on Wednesday night at 7pm at the LFPL Highlands Branch.


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  1. Paul Moffett
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 10:22:46

    Sorry I can’t make the library event, as I am hosting a jam at Lisa’s that night. However, the several different Louisville music scenes (there are a number) will continue right along, adjusting as they have every time some venue or other music business goes dark.


    • last bit of sanity
      Jan 03, 2012 @ 13:47:56

      I have no doubt that the Louisville music scene(s) will continue on, but there is no denying that adjustments will need to be made. And I am curious to see what those adjustments are. I am hoping that we quickly bounce back or even beyond what was before. But I am bothered that it isn’t easy to pick up the #1 favorite local artist’s releases in Louisville (I do feel that will right itself, hopefully sooner rather than later). And I am bothered that I can’t easily take my kids (under 18s) to see a show. I would love it if someone stepped up and filled that void. Thank you for everything you do for local music!!!!


  2. Paul Moffett
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 10:59:50

    As always, we are curious to see what’s next and sure that there will be something “next” – it’s what makes Louisville music so splendid. As for the record store matter, Ben Jones at Better Days is very accommodating to Louisville product; likewise the crew at Underground Sounds. Neither of them, however, have John Timmons’ gift for promotion, which is the core of problem.

    Funny about the matter of under-age shows – the ones that are there, you likely don’t want to take your kids to see. Marvin Maxwell of Mom’s has been lamenting the lack of under-age shows for years and years. In his case, however, the shows that helped launch him and his bands were held in Catholic Church basements. No more of that. The difficulty is that under-age shows don’t make the money that can be made selling alcohol.

    A side note: part of my effort for years has been to label Louisville music as “Louisville music” and not as “local music.” “Local” music is amateurish, whereas “Louisville music” is a brand with a considerable international reputation. I encourage everybody in the business here to use that branding notion to there advantage.

    Keep on writin.’


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