Brick and Mortar and Love Premier

There are days that I drive by the empty ear X-tacy store on Bardstown Road and the sadness just overwhelms me. I know I am not alone…I heard from many of you when I first posted about the closing of the legendary record store (It’s really gone). It is with excitement and sadness that I approach the world premier of Brick and Mortar and Love. It is tomorrow night at the Louisville Science Center (Saturday April 7, 2012 at 7pm).

This documentary by Scott Shuffitt and this is the description according to the website:

Brick and Mortar and Love follows the story of ear X-tacy Records, the legendary record store in Louisville, Kentucky, as it struggles to survive in the changing music retail industry. In-depth interviews include owner John Timmons, staff at ear X-tacy, leaders in the record store industry and scores of independent record store owners from all over the US. These interviews look into the state of the independent record store, what services they provide and what is at stake if they disappear.

The tragic part is that ear X-tacy closed before people could see this film and be inspired to do more to ensure the future of the store. I am hoping that seeing some of those friendly ear X-tacy employee faces will lessen the hole that the closing of ear X-tacy left.



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