Too many hats?! Nah!

For the past few months, I have felt this blog staring me down and questioning my loyalty! I can’t believe I haven’t posted in so long…but it isn’t for a lack of trying or desire. I started many, many posts, but they just never felt right. So many rockin’ things have happened and if I told you about all of them right now, you would either call my bluff or roll your eyes in disgust. Seriously. I will eventually get them all out, but in little doses.

Recently, a friend forwarded me a link to a ‘music writers wanted ad’ from (props to that amazing Bellarmine alumni network!!). My thoughts of ‘sure, why not’ quickly turned into thoughts of ‘oh shit…what have I done?’! I pushed my fears and insecurities aside, hyped myself up on some good coffee and got to work. Below is my first (of many, hopefully) articles on

WFPK fuels the Louisville music community

Upon hearing of my new endeavor, a friend questioned me about how many hats I wear. It made me laugh. If you know me, you know I am always doing something. I get it naturally…my Dad is the same way. He is due to retire this year and I have had so many people say to me, ‘how is that going to work?!’. haha Don’t get me wrong, I love downtime. I don’t particularly like running the kids from practice to practice. But, I use my time wisely. Last night, as #2 was practicing baseball, I sat at the ballpark and wrote the article. If I sit down to watch a movie at home, more often than not, I am also folding laundry. It just me…it is what I do.

Everyone functions differently and I have many people look at me like I am crazy when they hear about all the things I am involved in. And, as I was pondering that ‘how many hats’ question, a realization hit me. I LOVE live music. There is just nothing better, in my opinion, than a good, high energy, live show. I am always speechless when people tell me that they love music, but can’t stand live shows. How is that really even possible? A live show caters to all of your senses and puts them into overload. I get there, let my mind go, and soak in all that there is to see and hear. It is like a whole body experience and it is heaven! After a show, I feel like I am flying high sans the drugs. And my realization was that: that is how I do things…in overload so of course live shows call my name!

I hope you take a minute to read the article I wrote because it is closely tied to live music in Louisville. And I NEED live music to continue to function!


The Head And The Heart

There have been a few live shows that have brought me to tears.  The first time I saw The Avett Brothers live without a doubt brought me to tears, which wasn’t surprising.  The surprise emo show was when minutes ago, I was watching The Head And The Heart perform live from the 2011 Austin City Limits fest (God bless the internet and live streaming video and of course, a hubby who hooks it all up to the TV!!!!). There entire act was amazing and I would expect nothing less from this supremely talented group of folks. But, on their last song of the set, Rivers and Roads, tears appeared when Miss Charity Rose was belting out her part.  The band just puts so much of themselves into this song and the emotionalism of it really comes through.

THAHT isn’t a new group to me…I found out about them when they were just started out.  Last summer, they released their debut self-titled album around the same time I was glued to their youtube videos.  Even through the grainy, unsteady-at-times videos, their energy and cohesion was obvious.  In fact,  I was watching a video of them playing a house show when the idea of asking Ben Sollee to play at my house popped into my head!  I was having trouble getting my hands on the self-released cd, so I put ear X-tacy on the task and they didn’t disappoint!!  I cannot tell you how many times I played those songs when I first got it.  It was like a drug…I couldn’t get enough, I was hooked and I might have sold my children if someone told me I had to choose (well, my kids on a bad day…not when they were singing and dancing in the kitchen with me while THATH was turned up all the way!!).  It is still on heavy rotation.  I was dying to see them live and got lucky when they opened for Dr.Dog in Nashville last year.  Wow, wow, wow…..I knew they would be good, but not that good.  And I totally didn’t expect them to win over the crowd as fast as they did.  I think everyone walked in that night anxious for Dr. Dog and left ecstatic for THATH!!

THAT is moving up and now headliner their own tour.  Unfortunately, Louisville wasn’t on their Fall line up.  I tweeted the group and begged them to come and I am optimistic that we will get them in the Spring.  I think my begging along with promises of bourbon by Kyle Meredith, of 91.9 WFPK,  might just win them over. 😉 In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of their brilliance on these videos and if your timing is right, pull up the Austin City Limits site and watch a replay of their earlier performance.  It will be on the Austin City Limits site at 6:30pm Louisville time TONIGHT!

And the song that brought tears to my eyes….

And one more because they are just soooo good!!!