Christmas Memories and a Playlist!

Somehow, it is that time of year again! Not sure how it happened so fast this year. I can remember when I was a kid, it took FOREVER for Christmas to get here each year and now, it is like I gained a magical power somewhere along the line because all I have to do is blink and Christmas is here. Honestly, if I were doing the choosing, that is not the magical power I would choose. I think I would go with something along the lines of ending world hunger or maybe even a power that would stop my kids from fighting for just 10 minutes. But, no one asked me, so I guess I am stuck with the blink-and-before-you-know-it-another-year-is-gone power.

And this year at our house, we have reached that delicate age where our eldest “knows” about Santa, but the younger 3 still believe. I am very proud of my son…he understands that he is now one of the helpers and he does whatever he can to make sure the younger ones feel the magic of the season. But, that puts more pressure on me, because I want him to feel that magic, too….I don’t want my baby to grow up so fast!! It takes me back to when and how I found out about Santa. I gotta say, I don’t remember being traumatized by the discovery and even now when I think back on it, it doesn’t bring on any ill feelings…although it probably should, as you will see!!

I was almost 6 years old and my older brother, who was 12 at the time, insisted that Santa was actually our parents. I refused to believe him, therefore he put a plan into action. He woke me up ‘in the middle of the night’ (which probably equates to 11pm!), so that we could sit on the top steps and silently watch as my parents put out all of our Christmas gifts. Thanks, big bro! Like I said, I managed to survive and honestly don’t recall hours of tears or anything like that. The funny thing is that our parents never knew that story until recent years.

Well, I have put together a playlist of Christmas songs to help you get through the craziness of the holidays. There are some classic versions of songs, but most of them are song by our favorite musicians of recent times, such as The Head And The Heart, My Morning Jacket, fun., and She & Him. This list includes 65 songs and over 3 hours of musical holiday enjoyment, but I am sure I have missed some good ones….feel free to share your favorites with me!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my family and friends!


going back, way back

The realization that I cannot stop time hit me the other day when I realized that my *gulp* 35th birthday is 10 weeks away. That’s right…and that sounds so old. Turning 30 didn’t bother me. Probably because I was too sleep deprived to even know what day of the week it was, much less the actual date! But, 35 has had a different effect on me. It bothers me. I don’t like it. I would like to start counting backwards from now on…can we all just agree to that?? I guess it would be hard to explain to the foursome, who still count the minutes until their next one starting the day after their current birthday!!

So, as I was looking at the calendar my thought process went..10 weeks = 15-20lbs that need to be lost. Perfect timing. Now, if I could just think about it and make it happen.  You know, like a modern day I Dream of Jeannie. A twitch of the nose and viola! But back to reality and that means I actually need to do something to lose the weight.  Oh, the details.

My weapon of choice is the elliptical machine that I am fortunate enough to have at my house. I like watching shows or movies on it while I workout.  Friday Night Lights did wonders for me last year!! Thank you, Coach Taylor and Riggins! I was kind of at a loss for what series to start and was thinking about it while listening to the new She & Him Christmas album (fantastic album, by the way!!).  And at the same time, a friend posted about the show New Girl, in which Zooey Deschanel (of She & Him) is the star (with an awesome character name). I decided it was worth checking out…how could I ignore those signs?!

I get everything ready and search for the New Girl downloads on my iPad. I found the episodes and start downloading, but something at the bottom of the page caught my eye.  iTunes thought that since I search for ‘New Girl’, that I might, naturally, be interested in ‘New Edition’. Anyone remember them?! Hell ya, I do! That was the very first cassette that I purchased. And I am pretty sure I got ripped off, because I bought it from my older brother and it had been out for a few years! I was so excited and listened to it non-stop on my new Walkman that I had gotten for Christmas. So, how could I resist the walk down memory lane?! No, I didn’t buy it (not that interested in the walk), but I did listen to the previews. Kinda crazy how it all came back to me. “Candy Girl” was their big hit, but my favorite was always ‘Pass The Beat’…..shake it, don’t break it, it took your mother nine months to make it.  Here is a little video to take you back….the funny thing is this is the first time I have seen this video because we were not allowed to watch MTV!

Candy Girl:

Oh, how the world works….here I was looking 35 in the eye ready to fight it tooth and nail and then in an instant I am back to being a pre-teen girl bopping around the house with her Walkman and a little hip hop.  Maybe age is all about your state of mind. Maybe music can keep you young. Maybe 35 isn’t all that bad. Maybe I’ll still put up a fight, but at least I’ll do it with good music by my side.

edited to add: HOLY SHIT! Right after I published this, there was an email in my inbox informing me that New Edition is coming to Louisville right before my birthday?! I didn’t even know there were still together. And big enough to play the Yum! Center?! Haha….how crazy is all that?!