Ha Ha Tonka…it’s a band, not a toy

Don’t you just love it when you are doing something and something happens to make it extraordinarily better?  Like the time we were having a family dinner on vacation in Charleston, SC and as we were leaving the restaurant I nearly bumped into my friend from when we lived in Cleveland, OH (a mere 7 years ago and 722 miles from Charleston)! Talk about random! Or the time we were living out of town and I had to take our newborn to the eye doctor because he had some infection…talk about worried and stressed…and I walked into the waiting room to see a Julius Friedman poster hanging up.  You see, growing up Julius lived at the end of our street and he was just a friendly neighbor and it wasn’t until we were older that we realized how accomplished he is. But, that moment of seeing his poster brought me so much happiness and comfort.

Recently, I was watching a favorite show of ours, No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, and a song came on that I immediately recognized.  He was in the Ozarks in MO and he was sharing a meal and some good tunes with the band Ha Ha Tonka.  You may know their song “Usual Suspects” as it has been getting some decent air time on WFPK for good reason…it just gets in your head and they just happen to be playing Waterfront Wednesday with Sarah Jaffe tonight.  Funny how all that works out! 😉  I am also kinda of digging that the lead singer, Brian Roberts, has curly, reddish hair.  Reminds me of my little rocker, L.  Plus, Brian is a cancer survivor…what’s not to like?! I bet you will find yourself stomping your foot…its hard to hold back with this song!


Now when I am listening to music, I prefer to ‘get away’ and not be reminded of the daily humdrum of being a stay at home mom. Clearly, the band didn’t get that memo nor consult me on their choice of name.  How can I think of anything else besides those little yellow trucks that have invaded my house over the past 9 years and 3 boys when I hear their name.  I will work on getting past that issue, because I think they are worth it.  Side note…their name came from Ha Ha Tonka State Park in MO (that state park name is almost as good as Big Bone Lick State Park in KY!).

So, just another great reason to get out of the house and head to the river tonight!!  See ya there!!